May 05, 2023

What are the Benefits of an Ink Subscription Program

What is an Ink Subscription Program and Is It Worth Getting?

Every business whether big or small has their distinct printing needs. But with costly regular ink cartridges replacements, finding new ways to save up on printing is imperative. Other than investing on a printer with high-yield cartridges, one of the strategies businesses do to reduce ink costs is with an ink subscription plan. 

When your business’s printing needs become more unpredictable, a printer ink subscription program can make it less complicated. Keep reading to learn what an ink subscription program is, what benefits it offers, and how your business can take advantage of it.

What is an Ink Subscription Program?

An ink subscription program is a monthly plan that automatically delivers ink to your doorstep whenever your ink runs low. For a monthly fee, you will get sufficient ink based on your consumption. This way, you will always have a readily available supply whenever you run out.

Canvasing or stocking up for printing supplies in the Philippines will be made easier when you partner with a supplier that offers this program. IFL Pro even offers technical support such as printer troubleshoots or maintenance. 

What Are the Benefits of an Ink Subscription Program?

Having your ink delivered to your doorstep offers numerous benefits for busy business owners. Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy when you subscribe:


No one likes to run out of ink when they're printing something. To avoid this, someone is typically tasked to keep track of the ink’s status. 

This is a simple, but an inconvenient task. Certainly, you have better things to worry about than printer ink. With a subscription plan, you eliminate the added responsibility of managing your printer ink. 

IFL Pro will send you ink cartridges based on your monthly needs. So, whenever you run out of ink, you can rest assured that fresh cartridges are stored, delivered and ready for use. A subscription plan simplifies the management of printer ink overall. 

Save on Time

One more benefit of joining an ink subscription program is that you get to save time. Since your ink will arrive regularly, checking on your printer’s ink levels and buying ink are two things less from your to-do list.

The time you used to allocate for these tasks can be used for more important tasks when you have your printer’s ink delivered through the subscription program.

Reduce Overall Printing Costs

The overall cost of buying ink includes other factors and not only include the cost of the ink itself. First, the transportation cost to get to the store or the shipping fee. Second, it costs you the time it requires to check ink levels and buy the ink. 

Whether you’re aware of these or not, buying ink from retail includes all these costs. 

You can cut off on these costs when you join an ink subscription. IFL Pro also provides technical support such as printer repair and maintenance which simplifies the process of printer maintenance, and with that, minimize printing costs.

Print as Much as You Want

People tend to go to great lengths to conserve their printing supplies, particularly ink. You may have printed colored images in black and white or print in smaller sizes to make printing more cost-effective. 

However, when you run a business, these practices may be time-consuming and, for important documents, inappropriate. An ink subscription program frees you from these worries. 

With less overall costs and more convenient cartridge replacement, you can print whenever you like. You no longer have to worry about running out of ink at an inconvenient moment.

Imagine how much more relaxed you will be and how much better your reports and documents will look when you can print freely.

Be More Environmentally Friendly

Businesses often maintain stocks of items they use often for convenience and cost-effectiveness. However, if you overstock ink, these may dry up and expire before you get to use them. Meanwhile, if you understock, you may need to order additional ink.

With an ink subscription, you also reduce waste from overstocking and understocking. Overstocking leads to wasted ink while understocking contributes to additional packaging waste and carbon footprint from transportation or shipping. 

Another benefit of an ink subscription program is that it provides the opportunity to recycle used ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are considered e-waste that may contain substances that need to be handled carefully. 

When you join the subscription program, you do not need to throw away the cartridges with your regular garbage. Instead, you can simply return it to IFL Pro to be recycled properly. 

Who May Benefit from IFL Pro’s Ink Subscription Programs

Although the majority of business transactions nowadays are completed digitally, businesses, both big and small, still have a considerable amount of paperwork that needs to be printed out.  Let us show you what are the benefits of an ink subscription program in different settings:

A Small Business

If you own or run a small business, chances are you have to print out order forms, contracts, permits, and other documents. You may print some of these regularly, while others may be necessary only a few times a quarter. 

Apart from convenience, confidentiality is important when handling documents for small businesses. Thus, it’s important to have your printer always ready. With an ink subscription, you or your employees will not be compelled to have important documents printed in public. 

An Office or Organization

Although there are now digital tools that have imported paperwork to the realm of computers, there will always be documents that need to be available in print. Often, online documents require physical copies as backup. 

Having a subscription plan for your printing needs will help your business processes flow smoother and faster. Plus, you or your employees will not need to keep track of ink purchases.

An Educational Institution

Schools or teachers will also benefit from an ink subscription. With it, they can freely print and copy worksheets, assignments, and activities that will help students learn. They can print in color to make activities more interesting. 

Parents of schoolchildren may also benefit from a subscription service. You may need to print learning materials, assignments, worksheets, and other things for various projects. Having a printer as a resource could be an aid in children’s education.

With an ink subscription program, schools and teachers, as well as parents, can provide their students with materials that can support their learning. 


Is It Worth It to Subscribe to IFL Pro’s Ink Subscription Program?

An ink subscription will be an additional monthly expense for your business. So, it’s important to ask: Is it worth it to subscribe to an ink subscription program?

If you regularly print documents or buy new ink cartridges at least once a month or every few months, then the answer is YES. 

IFL Pro’s printer ink subscription program is designed for businesses with regular printing needs, which even includes a free printer! Our goal is to make printing more convenient, cost-effective, and simultaneously, more environmentally friendly. 

Find the printing solutions that fit your business needs. Ask us about our ink subscription plans today.

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