May 05, 2023

The Benefits of Office Printer Ink Subscriptions

Printing Made Easy: The Benefits of Printer Ink Subscription for Offices 

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you try to focus your energy on important work tasks when you get to the office. Among the many possible, little concerns of work life that you might overlook are your office printing needs—which is why you need to consider the benefits of office printer subscriptions. 

When it comes down to it, something as simple as printing can influence the rest of your day. 

We only notice how significant our printing needs are when we suddenly experience inconveniences like running out of toner or the printer suddenly stopping. It’s those moments when we realize that while it may seem small, prioritizing our printers truly makes life convenient.

Buying your own office printing equipment and supplies may suffice your printing needs now, but there is so much more that you can do to ensure that you wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about the benefits of printer ink subscriptions for office users and how they can add value to your lives.

So, Why Get a Printer Ink Subscription for Your Office?

Since the country’s workforce has started reporting back to their respective offices, people have begun reusing office equipment for their everyday tasks. This allows you to take note of the important work tools that you need to accomplish tasks that you might’ve forgotten about over the lockdowns. 

For example, while working on your various daily responsibilities, you realize how much you actually use and need a printer for most of your projects. And when that printer breaks down while you’re chasing deadlines, it can be very frustrating—especially if you don’t have the knowledge on how to fix it or if you don’t have a substitute printer.

This is where printer and ink subscriptions come in. Getting one might just be what you need to improve your daily office experience.

Save on Ink Costs

With printer ink subscriptions, you get the right amount of toner cartridges or ink bottles for your printers depending on the subscription package. 

Some printers can yield 5000 pages, while some can go up to 8000 pages a month. The subscription can serve as an estimate of your page consumption in any specified amount of time, like between 12-24 months, and then it will supply you with the ink needed for those months. 

You won’t have to worry about full-colored prints because your subscription ensures that you have enough ink for your printing jobs. Looking at the big picture, your subscription can save you any additional expenses from buying your own ink whenever you run out.

Save Time on Shopping for Refills

When you run out of printer ink, the usual response is to either go to the nearest office supply store to buy more or to order ink online. Both choices mean that you would have to go out of your way and wait to refill your printer ink––which then means that everything and everyone else’s jobs have to wait until the printer ink’s been refilled.

Of course, this scenario is not ideal especially if a task is urgent or if your business doesn’t have the luxury of time to go around hunting for toner.

A printer ink subscription is handy in this scenario because the ink supply is delivered to your doorstep even before you need it. In some cases, service companies even have programs that can detect your printer’s ink supply and automatically deliver one without you having to ask for it. 

Unused Supplies are Carried Over

In some printer ink subscriptions, you can carry over any unused ink to be used the following month. This can also contribute to the extra savings you get from cost-effective subscription packages. 

For example, if your organization uses the printer heavily to print hard copies of presentations, but a shift in operations pushes forth cloud-based and online presentations, your printer won’t be seeing as much mileage. The supplies that you don’t use can still be used the following month when you need to print more visual aids.

This way, there is no waste on supplies and you can still maximize the cost of your subscription without any additional charges.

You Can Easily Add More Supplies

Contrary to supplies being carried over, if you suddenly find yourself running out of ink, you can easily request more from your supplier. Of course, this may incur extra charges depending on how much you need. Fortunately, the cost of the ink itself is more affordable from your supplier than from other third-party supply stores.

So, is Getting a Printer and Ink Subscription Worth it?

The short answer is: YES!

If you’re someone who’s aware of how much and how often you use your printer in a month, then it can be worth it to try a printer ink subscription.

Some packages offer printer rentals, repairs, maintenance, and refill services with your subscription. So, if you heavily use your printer in your day-to-day activities, the subscription can definitely be more cost-effective than having to buy the unit and refills from third-party suppliers.

You also won’t have to worry about any printer-related frustrations, since the package and the services you availed already have that covered. 

Leveraging the Benefits of Printer Ink Subscriptions for Your Office Projects

Now that you know the benefits of availing of a printer and ink subscription, here’s how you can use them in your office projects:

Marketing Collaterals

Printer ink subscriptions can help you cut costs on other third-party printing services for your marketing and branding needs. This allows you to easily print flyers or brochures in your own office without having to worry about waiting on suppliers to print out your collaterals. You can even print out business catalogs that your sales and marketing teams can use during client meetings.

Company Prints and Posters

Given the trend in return-to-office (RTO) directives, you might want to produce printouts about the organization for new employees to peruse. An example of this can include: your company’s mission and vision, office rules and etiquette, and other office reminders you might need workers to see on a daily basis.

Printer ink subscriptions can help you print various internal announcements without having to worry about running out of ink and outsourcing from other shops.

Document Filing

Doing a lot of office work means that some of the files you need should come with physical documentation. And if your job requires printing and filing a ton of documents every day, then having a printer ink subscription can benefit you.

An example of jobs that require a lot of documents are administrative work in law firms or printing schematic layouts for architectural firms.

Partnering with Ink for Less’ Ink Subscription Program

Now that you’re aware of the advantages of office printer ink subscriptions, what’s keeping you from availing cost-effective packages for your everyday printing needs?

With IFL Pro, you’re working with a printing equipment company that offers high-quality tools and services. Choosing us as your partner ensures that your printing needs are fulfilled, and you won’t have to worry about any printing frustrations you may previously have.

To learn more about our subscription packages and services, check out our website or get in touch with us!

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