May 11, 2023

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Printer ink is one of the most important but often overlooked office supplies. Businesses today rely heavily on print materials for marketing, advertising, and day-to-day operations. But with the high cost of printer ink, finding ways to save and reduce costs becomes very handy! Here are tips on how your business can save money on printer ink cartridges.

How to Save Money on Printer Ink

1. Use Draft Mode or Economy Mode

While draft or economy mode may not be suitable for documents like resumes or formal presentations, it can greatly reduce your printing costs for everyday documents such as emails, internet articles, and school assignments. Not only will this save you money on ink, but it can also help to reduce your environmental impact by using fewer resources. Switching to these modes is simple - just check your printer settings or consult the manual. 

2. Print in Grayscale

Printing in grayscale not only helps to conserve ink but can also improve readability and clarity. Black-and-white prints provide sharper contrast and eliminate potential distortions caused by using multiple colors. In industries like finance or law, where important documents need to be clear and precise, printing in grayscale can be an advantageous choice. And with the added bonus of being more environmentally friendly, there's really no reason not to switch to grayscale printing whenever possible.

3. Get an Ink Subscription Plan

When it comes to printing, one of the biggest and most consistent expenses for both businesses and individuals is purchasing ink bottles for printers. However, many printer manufacturers now offer subscription plans as a way for businesses to save money on printer ink and cartridges. 

These plans can provide significant savings by offering discounted or even free cartridges when you need them. Not only does reduce costs on your supplies, but it also ensures that you never have to worry about running out of ink again. 

If your current provider of printing equipment and supplies doesn't offer a subscription plan, it may be time to consider upgrading to one that does. In the long run, it could end up saving you time and money. 

4. Use Generic or Refillable Cartridges

When it comes to printer toner cartridges, consumers have several options for maintaining a budget-friendly printing routine. While purchasing new cartridges from the manufacturer may seem like the easiest option, it often ends up being the most expensive in the long run. In contrast, generic and refillable printer cartridges can help you save money plus it’s also an eco-friendly alternative. 

Refilling compatible cartridges with ink can save a significant amount of money over time, and using refillable cartridges means fewer cartridges need to be produced, resulting in less waste. 

5. Use High-yield Cartridges

If you're tired of constantly purchasing new printer cartridges, it's worth considering investing in a high-yield option. While they may cost more initially, high-yield cartridges contain significantly more ink and can last up to three times as long as standard cartridges. Some manufacturers estimate that their high-yield cartridges can save consumers up to 50% in printing costs over the course of a year. 

In addition, high-yield cartridges often come with a higher page yield, meaning that you'll be able to print more pages before needing to replace them. So, while it may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, switching to a high-yield cartridge can save you time and money in the long run. 

6. Buy in Bulk

When it comes to office supplies, ink cartridges can quickly add up to be one of the biggest expenses. However, savvy business owners know that buying in bulk is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions. 

In addition to significant discounts offered by most office supply stores, purchasing multiple cartridges at once ensures that you always have backups on hand and reduces the need for last-minute, emergency purchases. It's important to check the expiration dates on your bulk purchases, but as long as you do so, stocking up can save time and money in the long run. 

In an industry where every peso counts, making smart choices about ink cartridges can majorly impact your bottom line.

7. Utilize Rewards Programs and Coupons

If you're a frequent office supply shopper, another way you can save on printer ink costs is to sign up for a loyalty program. Not only will you have access to exclusive discounts and coupons but participating in these programs often allows retailers to gather information about your purchasing habits which can result in even more personalized deals and promotions in the future. And don't forget to browse the websites or flyers of your favorite stores before making any purchases - many retailers offer special discounts and promotions regularly. 

Investing a little bit of time and effort into selecting the right store can do wonders when it comes to saving money on printer ink.

8. Fix Any Leaks or Clogs ASAP

If your printer is frequently leaking ink or clogging, it's not just an inconvenience – it may also be costing you a significant amount of money in the long run. While it may be tempting to ignore the problem and continue using the printer as is, fixing it right away will save you ink costs. 

This is because a faulty printer can lead to overuse of ink as it tries to compensate for the malfunctioning parts. In addition, continuing to use a malfunctioning printer can lead to even bigger problems down the road, potentially resulting in costly repairs or even requiring you to purchase a new printer altogether. 

Save yourself time, money, and frustration by addressing any issues with your printer immediately. And remember, preventative maintenance such as regularly cleaning and replacing worn parts can also help to keep your printer running smoothly.

As a business owner, you know how important high-quality printing supplies and services can be. Having printers that run smoothly and consistently produce crisp, clear documents can make all the difference in your company's productivity and can save you money on printing costs down the line.

That's why IFL Pro is the clear choice for all your printing needs. Our ink subscription program allows you to reliably restock your printer without having to worry about running out at crucial moments. And if you do encounter a problem, our speedy printer maintenance services will have your machine back up and running in no time. Trust IFL Pro for exceptional quality and dependable service.

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